Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Filming Day

Not a great deal to report right now, I spent most of Valentines weekend hiding from social media to avoid all the photos of flowers, hearts and inappropriate usage of pet names. Never understood the need for Valentines Day, surely if you love someone you should tell them everyday, not just once a year? 

Since the weekend was once again snow and hail filled, Saturday involved a lot of doing nothing (hoovering the flat, having a bath - seriously rock and roll), but I at least managed a 2:20hr run on Sunday, which has left me more than a little sore (couldn't straighten my right leg on Monday - oops). I've got a half marathon around Odaiba Island this weekend, so let's see how that goes. I'm also planning to go into Tokyo on Friday and find a steakhouse - I cannot tell you how excited I am by this.

Only thing of interest to report from last week is the guy made it over from the ICC to make some video tutorials for our new website (which someone today kindly offered to do for us for free, in both English and Japanese, which is a gigantic result).

Because of the heavy snow we had to do all the filming indoors, which was a bit rubbish, but having seen the first cuts this afternoon I think they still look pretty reasonable.

We spent the whole day doing a variety of coaching drills and playing different forms of the game which was all fairly entertaining, but what I liked most about it was watching these kids really enjoy themselves. It was pretty awesome, and some of them were even quite good! 

Below are a few photos that I thought I’d share here. Enjoy.

An award before the games got underway

Opposable thumbs - very useful

Genuine enthusiasm
Girls and boys all play over here
Filming the sessions took all day - editing took all night

Obligatory group photo


Teaching the kids to Boom Shake Shake Shake the Room


Not cricket related, but this made me laugh. 

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